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Hathway In Mumbai??

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    Default Hathway In Mumbai??

    Hi. right now, i am using MYNL but looking to change.

    how is hathway in mumbai and specifically in Malad area?

    the plan i am getting is lucrative with 256 kbps unlimited at 730 with taxes and free modem, installtion.

    Please Let me know ASAP.


    the options i ahve are:

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    Hathway has had mixed reviews - some people I know in Pune use Hathway and are tolerably satisfied; others stiffen up and I can hear the gears in their brain making the following sound waves - if I gnaw at this person's (me) neck and face will I be charged with assault and battery?

    I suggest that you make your own survey (and keep your body parts armoured just in case) and then decide.
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    I stay in Borivali, Have just recently dumped my hathway broadband acc. (few hours ago precisely)

    The problems i faced were:
    Worst customer service cell.
    Unsystematic handling.
    Extra bandwidth charged even after being said that am shifted to unlimited bandwidth.
    Being following up the same issue since december but to no avail.

    Everytime i used to visit Kandivali hathway office i was told to ignore the outstanding amount n pay the actual monthly bill amount & the outstanding would be cleared in the next bill.
    Its end-July now... Still the problem...

    This month around 15th-16th, i got a call from their Marol office speaking "abruptly" to pay the outstanding.. On further talks & explanation, the person told me that he will update the system & call me in sometime, but the call didnt come..

    Now am done, all outstandings paid, modem submitted, account CLOSED!
    Its been 5 long years with this ISP, & was literally forced to discontinue!
    Will never revert back to this damn ISP ever!

    Hathway :19: me...

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    Default dont go for hathway

    i got my new connection on 17 just used it for 6 hrs and the ext day it was down they resored the connection after 10 days after dozens of phone calls and dealing with those dumb call centre guys

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    Default Never use Hathway Mumbai

    worst service ever.. No decency from customer care and very bad services.. poor response from the company or any dealers. The information on their website is also incorrect. They charge for their services in advance which are by the way very very bad.

    I am using their internet service in Wadala and using because I have to. There is no other option here.

    Their service center never responds properly. They have applied so many rules which just makes their service even worse. Even when services are on. it doesn't work half of the time

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    Hi, I am using Hathway on Link Road, Malad West. The internet connection is pretty reliable. You get what you are promised. I am using an unlimited plan with 1Mbps speed.

    But let me warn you the customer support is pathetic. It is impossible to get through their billing support and by impossible I mean literally impossible. You have to shoot an email to their nodal officers to get someone to call you for billing support. Technical support is much more easier to get through (wait time of 1-2 mins) and pretty decent. I have not faced many service outages so far in 6 months of usage but issues are fixed pretty quickly.

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