These cable net providers came up with a bang but they could not stick to their promises.
There is lots of problem for starting up and account with these guys the amount the charge come out to be very expensive, which is one of the disadvantages what I found in taking up an account with the hathway, Actually we were suppose to take an corporate account with them and in the corporate scheme they had to plans called gold and silver and that mainly were bifurcated on the basis of the speed it provides.
In the gold plan u get an access speed of 128 KBPS which I think would be mind blowing if they provided and the silver plan stated an access speed of 64 KBPS which is also a good speed.
Now when u look into the details of the payment structure you would find that they are charging a hefty amount,as per my knowledge u have to give a deposit of 35,000 for the modem and connection and somewhere around 1500 per month and the deposit value increased to 45,000 in case of the gold plan.
There some technical problems also because when we a chat with the Hathaway clients they said that the modem that hathway provides does not go well with the linux server and because which accessibility to net through the linux server was not possible.
The only solution that they found was that to provide a router with the modem that would be attached to the modem and the linux
Server which work as the proxy and the routing device, but to install that router u need to spend another 15,000 and this I think comes out
to be very expensive. They donít give nay discounts also and they are limited to the corporate areas.
What I would suggest is that check before going for the speedy cable Internet.