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    Title : Hathway Cable
    Review : I had written a review on Hathway Cables way back in 2002; at that time I had just got the Broadband facility and that was a refreshing change as compared to VSNL. My review at that time was favourable; little did I know what was in store for me. Overbilling I had opted for the Silver Value Plan, where the billing is on a year to year basis. Even after the year was completed, I did not get their annual bill. So I called up and was told that my bills were going to a different address which had no connection to the address which I had given Hathway. I was told that a revised bill would be sent to my correct address; but I would have to pay a hefty sum of around Rs. 14,000 for excess downloads. I was taken by suprise and I told them that there was no way I could have used that much excess downloads. I also mentioned that their ’’Download Usage’’ never worked and I could never get an indication about downloads. I refused to pay this amount and after some negotiations, I was asked to pay an additional sum of Rs. 4000 as a compromise. Since Hathway was the only broadband provider at that time, I paid up, even though I was sure that I did not exceed the download limit. Now I come to the present. In view of new entrants in the Broadband market, on inquiry, I was told that I could go in for a new scheme called Liteway 1 Regular, which was cheaper than Silver Value and would entail an outgoing of Rs. 500 per month for 256 kps of speed and 1 GB per month download limit. When I got my first monthly bill, I again got a rude surprise - Hathway had again billed me for a sum of Rs 1,600 and odd for excess downloads in my earlier Silver Value Plan. Several telephones to their billing section got me nowhere. The billing officers kept stalling and eventually I had no choice than to land up at their office at Parel (I stay at Churchgate) and confront the officers. After a personal discussion. The billing officer accepted that it was their mistake and agreed to waive the excess download amount. I was satisfied, but no. When I got the second bill, the excess download amount was again shown on the statement. Again I called up and I was told that the error is regretted and I would get a revised bill. That revised bill never came. When I got the current bill - you guessed it, the same amount was shown as arrears along with penal interest. I have been trying to call the billing section since the last one week and nobody comes on the line in spite of being told to hold on for a long time. Often their lines are engaged and even when the call comes through, the concerned officer never comes on the line. I find this exercise extremely frustrating and I am seriously considering washing my hands off Hathway and going in for some other service provider, after they stabilise. Technical Support. There is a special telephone number for Technical Support, but more often than not their phone keeps on ringing and one has to make several attempts to get through them. By the time they come on the line the problem often gets solved by itself. The Technical Support, just like their other services is pathetic and just zero. Conclusion. Hathway keeps resorting to unethical practices by frequently leving bills for excess downloads, when there are none; their ’’Download Usage’’ display seldom ever works, every time there is a downtime was are told (after several attemps to get them) that there is some problem on the ’’backside’’. It is almost impossible to establish a telephone connection to any responsible officer. On the whole, Hathway services are lethargic and disgusting.

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    I second this..They took my modem, promising a refund of unused portions of the 6 months prepaid plan, because of the negative feasibility report from their technical department.

    Now they are giving neither the modem or the refund. My plan will end only after one more month and they already took the modem away one month back. I will post the entire experience as a new topic

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