Hi All,

After researching for a week on what would be the best option for internet connectivity I zeroed down to hathway cable. Dialup connections give bad speed and are expensive when you surf more than an hour a day. Monthly expenditure on the internet was the major factor in my decision plus also the connection speed. Finally I got a 64kbps cable connection from hathway with a 8pm-8am connection plan. The cost of modem is Rs7500. And the monthly rent for the night plan is Rs500 You can also rent the modem for some Rs300-500 per month.

The connection of 64kbps of hathway cable gives consistent download speed of 5KByte/second. The speed is a little low considering that with 64kbps I should get max 8KBytes/second download speed. But the connection is very stable and reliable.

Now the bad part. The service from the engineers of hathway is unbelievably pathetic. One fine day they decided to change my IP address and they didnt feel it necessary to tell me. After calling the call center for 2 full weeks the issue was sorted. Every time you call them a new support person will attend you and you have to explain the problem from fresh. This is frustating. Also their software for billing is unreliable at times. They overbill at once in two months and you have to spend hours on the phone to get your bill sorted.

Finally I would say the connection is decent but the service is very pathetic. If you have a better offer from your local cable operator, you should go for that.