Firstly i would like to thank MouthShut for providing review on different service providers.
I needed a net connection and that too not a dial up.

There are 3 main providers in Chennai..manly touchtel, Dishnet and Hathway.
All of them have a maximum data download limit of some amount of MB and Hathwat seemed to be most economical.

I wont go into cons of other service providers as thats not the motive here, but, I would really like to recommend Hathway to all people in chennai.

Though they took real long in setting up the connection but after that everything seems to be fine.
but i dont blame them for the set up they didnt have the networking on the street where I stayed and this was told to me by the salesperson.

He told me that he has asked for approval of his manager to lay cables ..but looks like the manager took long to respond and so the delay.

But all those days..he kep me updated on the status..and when i had almost given up he called me happily telling that he got the approval !!
After that there was no lookin back.

The same evening ( Pls note..he always came at the time convenient to me )
he came and collected the amount and promised me a connection in 2 or 3 days.
To my disbelief, I really got the connection in 3 days.

They have tie up with hardware service provider and a good coordination...who came up and installed the LAN card....and the very next day..the cables and the modem were in place !
and the whole stuff started working on the third day after he collected the money from me.

I would also like to highlight some problems that i faced..
One major one was about Virus machine got infected with Bagle/Virus within 2 days...a i dint have enuf protection on my machine..
But i am using a VSNL connection at my bombay residence for past many years and i never needed to have one there..

I dont know whats there with this connection but my machine was down for a week.
I got all the latest Anti Viru updates and now its perfectly fine.

The overall experience of using Internet is good though the speed fluctuates sometimes.
Connectivity is 100 %.

There hasnt been a outage known to me yet...its been almost more than a month now.
And I use it mostly for browsing and also downloading stuff..and it really works good.
As mentioned by somebody,the Service Usage details webpage blows up most of times but let me tell you, if you are close to your download limit getting exhausted then a mail comes to you intimating that. Isnt that neat ?

I have bought Velocity Package where the speed is 128 Kbps and the modem cost was 3000 rs+initial Setup of 1000+8% service tax+One month of rent in advance.
Here they use the pay-an-due method

These guys have 24 hrs call case you need help ( I never needed to use it. Yet!)