Thanks to India Broadband.net for helping me out to choose the right broadband connectivity in mumbai. To introduce, I am living in one of Mumbai’s suburbs and I find myself fortunate to have Hathway Cable in my area. I often use Internet to be in touch with my friends in abroad and I always found problem with voice and webcam with my dialup connection. After going through all the review on different broadband options available, I finally got hooked to Hathway.

Pre Installation: Once you request for a new connectivity at their Enquiry desk you get a call within 24 hours from the respective Sales guy. The sales person fixed up a time and dropped in at my doorstep to get the details. What i found the sales personnel get you the right information how their technology works and why they are better then the other players. What impressed me more about Hathway was that, it is a dedicated service not LAN based (Shared) like what local providers provide. So you get proper bandwidth booked for you. Well to go with i selected Hathway 256 and was said the installation will get in place in a weeks times.

Post Installation: To my disbelieve i got the installation done in 2 days. Cable running into my home and the same evening the engineers dropping in to install the modem. And there I am, hooked to the net with a blazing speed of 256kbps. It’s now a month i have been using hathway and it was once i got no connectivity and that too because the connector to the modem got loosed and it was rectified immediately. One thing to notice don’t believe the Helpline they give you any reason for disconnection like breakdown etc. though you won’t find any such reasons.

To mention some of Hathway plans they are:

Plan Speed Download Monthly
Rush 128 100MB 300/-
Velocity 128 750 MB 1000/-
Hathway256 256 500 MB 750/-
Home8-8 64 3 GB 500/- 8pm to 8am & 24hrs on Sunday
Value 8-8 128 3 GB 750/- 8pm to 8am & 24hrs on Sunday

Installation & Registration Rs. 1000/-
Cable Modem :-
Refundable Rs. 1000/-
Other futures
Receiving & sending on Hathway Email totally free.
Data Transfer : Counts only downloads, Uploads are not charged. Additional downloads Rs2/Mb

One can’t expect broadband connectivity more cheaper than Hathway and that too with quality service.

Last Note: Incase you get any problem with the connectivity and you find the Helpline of no use get hold of the Sales Executive to speed up things.