Iíve been using Hathway since June 2003 on their OL-24 connection. The past 6 months have been hell on Hathway. Iíve been facing frequent downtime with their connection. Each time, I call up the help desk and complain about the same.

The past few times, when I call up regarding the status of the complain, they say that the problem is resolved, even though my net connection is still down. When I asked them how they closed the complain ticket, they said that the complain was closed because the support personnel were unable to get in touch with me ( this after I gave them both my residence and mobile number). I guess their support personnel are getting lazier by the day, how else can they close a complaint without even calling me to confirm if the problem is sorted out.

In July this year, their connection was down for more than 10 days over the month. They refuse to reduce the monthly charges for the days when the connection was down !

Their service and support has gotten so bad, that I have finally shifted of Hathway.