Hathway Datacomm, Pune is really a gathering of idiot people.

Hathway Internet, I thought this is a nice company giving nice service, but I found out that people working in hathway are not just fools but they are idiot.

My story goes like this --

I contacted the sales executive on phone for a connection he told me that their service is available in my area (Kothrud, Bhusari colony)

After getting tariff details, I contacted their sales Team manager, and asked him about other details and possible time for installation, he told me that it will take just 15 days. When I showed interest, sales person came at my place in just 2 hours to collect my cheque, since I was really interested I gave cheque + filled form, for which no receipt was given.

After 15 days, I called up in their office, and asked for the reasons why the connection is delayed, that lady told me that it will take 10 more days. Since there was rain in those days, I thought that the delay is OK, and I waited for another 10 days.

Again when I called I got same reply that it will take 10 more days, as the work is not yet over. I was little upset, but I decided to wait.

And finally after exactly one month from the date of giving cheque, I received a call from Hathway office, that lady, (she looks after sales, this is what, I came to know later) told me that, ’’We can’t provide a connection to you, as we don?t have network in your Area’’ I asked her, ?what took 1 month to find out this valuable information.? But she didn?t understand and started telling me some foolish things.

She was then asking me, ’’what should be done with your cheque’’, as if she wanted me to come to collect the cheque from their office. I fired her, and told her to send that cheque to my place.

I talked with their technical head; he told me that they don?t even have permission from the Pune Corporation for setting up the network in my area.

I then called up their Sales Manager, and asked him about why he gave false commitments and fired him a great deal, He was totally in dark till that point, about the exact network available and service area of their Company, but after firing him, he assured me that I will get my cheque in 24 hours.

But they didn’t send my cheque to me after 3 days, so I called their office and asked again for my cheque, he was telling me to contact another number and all that, but I calmly told that man, that I am going to write about this in news paper, and even I will file a suit in consumer forum against their company. Well at least this remedy worked and I got my cheque back.

After getting my cheque back, i got a call from Hathway, asking me the status of my Internet connection.

My conclusion: Hathway got idiot people, who don?t know the details about their own business.

Recommendation: Its better to use BSNL 499/pm+ISP packs for 24 hours Internet, at least you get reliable service from normal people.