I initially started off with Hathway back in May 2001. Back then, the uptime was good and I used to get decent speeds even with my 64 kbps connection. Recently however, they changed from the Motorola modem to some local brand and their service started declining rapidly.

For the past year I have been wasting my time calling up their helpdesk. Theyíll be extremely polite, take your complaint and say it will be rectified within the hour and simply do nothing. And for a simple shifting of the cable from one room to another, they wanted me to pay an additional Rs. 1000, just for moving the cable. Recently, the situation worsened to the maximum extent possible. The modem would just drop the line every 5-10 minutes.

I had to switch it off and switch it on again to get it working again, only for it to fail within another 5-10 minutes. You can just imagine the inconvenience. Now I have disconnected their connection and am totally free from their hassles.

The only good thing I found about Hathway was the politeness of the customer care executive.

The rest:
* Pretty poor speeds
* Low uptime
* Low download limit
* Poor customer support
* Poor quality modems
* Poor signal quality on cable
* Unstable connection

I definitely would not recommend Hathway to anybody in Chennai.