I had a very bad experience with Hathway. I got a connection in April, it was Freeway plan with Rental modem. I had assumed a good service because their pre-sales service was quite prompt. I started using it and there were blackouts almost everyday.
Then the real fun started.. it stopped working all of a sudden. I called almost thrice a day and all I got was false promises that it would be OK in a day or two. Others in my apartment complex had similar problems so we called hathway representatives to our residents association meeting in May/June. We explained the problems to them and they ípromisedí to resolve them soon.
They provided a Hathway wireless connection at my home as a stop-gap measure till the broadband is restored. This wireless is just a piece of crap and it does not work 80% of time for me. I keep calling their customer service 51231313 but nothing happens.. the voice at the other end tells me very politely ísomeone will call you in 10 minutesí and it never happens.
I also call Hathway representative who came to our association meeting, Mr Leslie and Mr Vallichamy regularly to ask them about it. They say it would be done soon and there are some ítechnicalí problems. I am also a techie but they fail to explain the problem to me. Now they have stopped responding to my calls also.

However their billing dept is very prompt, they send bills every month when nothing is working :-). But on responsiveness they are equally bad. I have requested them to disconnect the service and take away their Modem but that has not happened either, they are comfortably sitting over the security deposit and not providing any service at all.
My advice to you... donít take Hathway . It might be an extreme case for me and my apartment complex (6 homes) but it shows their true colors... no customer service , just false promises. I wish I could talk to any senior manager in hathway and complain about the poor service (or no service at all) but that has not happened till now.