Hathway installed the service relatively quickly, and at the agreed price (around 1500rs from memory). Their staff was relatively professional, but gave bare minimum information about the installation process. This resulted in some delays.

The 256kbps/1GB plan I am using costs 500rs/month, plus 100 for modem rental. The service has worked reliably ever since (2+ months) now.

My only area of complaint is with the upload performance. The bandwidth for the uplink isnít clearly specified in their advertising, and it is often poor. I suspect the 256kbps plans are 256kbps down, 64kbps up. I would like to use the service for VOIP, but often the upload speed drops below 15kbps, and long delays in conversation result. It can even make sending emails with attachments difficult.

The download performance isnít always great, but it is usually at least 128kbps if not 256.