So I fall into this dream of a broadband connection and I approach the Hathway Cable guys (I have a cable subscription with them).

A person from Hathway promptly comes and gets your money. 1500 + taxes, ie one months rent and some other setup charges.

No news from them for a while. I spend around 30 minutes each day talking to their customer rep. As usual they promise that someone will contact me.

So one day this guy walks with some TV cable, dumps it and goes away. Upon enquiry he tells me that I have lay the cable myself!

Ever since I have been waiting for more than two months now and I do not have a broadband connection. Each time (almost everyday) I call their customer support, they promise that someone will contact me for installation, setup etc.

I think even the customer support have run out of excuses, which ranged from
1) Sir, your request had gone to our headoffice and yet to received any info - Wow
2) Maybe you do not have service in that area - Why was the money taken?
3) Is you cable modem light blinking? - What cable modem?
4) Do you have proof that you paid up? - Hey come on!

So here I am, waiting each day for the Great Hathway Cable Guy to walk in and provide me a connection. Until then I have a bitter feeling that I have been conned.

Wait till you hear about my friends who have a connection! I think some are already mentioned in this review section. In summary a thoroughly unprofessional organization, who are in the wrong business. They should stick to Cable TV only.

So everyone, unless you want to be conned and waste time and money, please go for other providers. BSNL is good I heard (but you need a BSNL line), Airtel is also good (bit expensive though).

Hope this helps. And any Hathway guys who are reading this, please buck up and start doing a professional service.