I have had the worst Customer Service experience of my lifetime with these guys. I had a working Hathway connection at my home which was nothing great at 256 KBPS and ended up giving around 20KB/sec download bandwidth at best! Worse sometimes.. I

dont know why I even considered it to give any better speeds ! Whatever, life went on at somewhat acceptable surfing rates... UNTIL I decide to shift to a new place in the same city.

Ok I shift to this new place hoping to get a better ISP like Airtel/BSNL since I was moving to the heart of the city and didnt expect that I would have to fall back upon the lowly Hathways and Dishnets. But unfortunately I had to.. since here the problem was too many appetites to cater to. Airtel gave me a estimated time of 1 month to install a new receptor close by to my place. I decide to re-invoke my Hathway relationships... but never have I been ragged so much. I make 2 phone calls on an average to these bozos... I never get any concrete answers. I get told I will be called by some Vanitha (hope u read this and accept u are indeed making customers suffer in hell ). I never get called.. Its been 12 days since I have been pestering them not for a new connection but just to shift my existing one. I have a deposit which they rightfully owe to me if I close my connection. I am at my wits end as to how to tackle with these non performers. I am worried I wont get my 1 K back. Forget expecting them to shift my own conn to a new place.

Advice is to not go for them at all. Theirs much better and dedicated support for Airtel. If u plan to take a connection after 15 days, ensure u have started the appliction process right away. Please do not give Hathway a new customer. I dont think they deserve any.