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    Quote Originally Posted by StarryKnight View Post
    Hey all... just checkd my weight yesterday and i have come to know that i am underweight!! This sux... i am quite thin for my age, but dint realize i wud b underweight... i weigh 49Kgs!
    I eat quite a normal diet actually, the stuff just doesn't seem to have any effect on the fat content on my body I shud be in perfect shape if i want to live normally, what shud i do?
    Tell me how do i gain weight and some fat too? I'm just tired of people sayin "Kuch khaya karo" and what not ! I'm just so damn serious right now, i want my body to be perfect... Vegetarian or non veg is no question for me... i'll eat anything (well not exactly everything )
    I used to be veg but realize its not gettin me anywhere...
    Terrible man !

    Try increasing the amount of food u eat ..... Dont eat fatty foods just cause u wanna gain weight ... it contains cholestrol and ll only give u a heart attack ....

    The normal food
    Meat in moderation is a good idea ..... Put on some body mass by eating more ....

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    How tall are you?
    If you are 5ft it is not terribly underweight.
    If you are 6ft then you need to put on some weight.

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    Weight Gain Diet | The Diet Channel

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    U'll gain weight with ur age... don't worry too much about it... maintain a healthy life style... any regular exercise will help... it will also increase ur diet...

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    Well don't over do it with food especially fatty foods which are fried and full of pure fat! Instead take everything in moderation with a variety of fats, protein, carbs and so on, but increase the amount of food you have in a day!

    Eat things like paneer, cashew nuts, almonds, have chicken but don't over do it! Also drink lots of milk which will help in all ways!

    Have good sized portions of food, have pranthas in the morning, and keep eating something little until lunch and again have good lunch, eat little things till dinner and then have a full dinner!

    When i mean little things in between, i mean snacks!

    Hope that helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarryKnight View Post
    I'm 5ft8... ya not very terribly but i need to put on some weight.. n i dnt know how to go bout it...
    Check your BMI ..... You ll find that you need to be atleast 5-6 kgs more than what you r .......

    49 kgs for a 5ft8 inch guy is def underweight ........

    i have a friend -->5 feet 3 inch he is of normal physic [neither fat nor thin , just the correct size] and he weighs 60 kgs .......

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    Thats what i said 5-6 kgs

    Anyways good luck !

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