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Coping with Stress - Stress Management

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    Default Coping with Stress - Stress Management

    Coping with Stress - Stress Management

    Stress, now a days this had become a very big health problem. Right from a school going kid to the old people, this stress has affected everyone. But why stress?

    School going kids have stress to perform well in the exams; they are under stress to score good marks.

    Office going guys are also under stress of their works. They are boredom, time pressure and deadlines, exorbitant work demands.

    And there is also stress in an individual due to the personal health and familial life.

    So why are we susceptible to stress these day?
    The answer to this is quite simple. Our bodies were designed a long, long time ago. We were not designed for the sort of world in which we live today. We were designed for a world in which fighting and or running were useful practical solutions to everyday problems.

    The problem is that our environment has changed for more rapidly than we have evolved. We have changed our world far faster than our bodies have been able to adapt. Revolutionary changes in agriculture, navigation, medicine, transport, communication and industrial methods have all transformed our world. We have moved far too quickly to be good for our bodies.

    It is these environmental changes that have made stress more pronounced. These days stress is everywhere. None can escape from stress. Stress affects an individual in his body and mind.

    Here are few ways to overcome stress, hope it will be useful.

    Love your body:

    Have a regular check up
    For people below 40: A medical check up at least once in a year.
    For people above 40: A medical check up at least twice in a year.

    Exercise regularly
    To effectively cope with stress a healthy body is a must.

    Donít touch tobacco
    Passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking

    Mind what you eat
    One must be careful about what one eats.
    Avoid oily & pungent food as far as possible.
    Itís also better if one avoids eating non-vegetarian

    Mind what you drink
    Drink at litres 3 to 4 litres of water daily.
    Avoid alcohol beverages. They contain calories but no food values.

    Love your mind:

    Meditate regularly
    The idea of meditation is that a person takes away his mind for some time from the usual surrounding, which serves as a respite.

    Learn to relax

    Develop some hobby
    Hobbies like reading books, etc
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    Good article Rameshjeee

    Some points....

    Don't ignore any warning signs.Most people have a tendency to avoid doctors till it gets really uncomfortable.If detected in the early stage, many serious morbidities can be cured/manages...hypertension being the best example.

    And don't forget of the best stress relievers.

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