Galaxy quest is my recent favorite movie which i have watched over & over again

"Galaxy quest" is movie which supposedly seems a spoof of star trek series...but with its well written plot and direction and perfect acting the movieearns much more honour then the usual spoof movies.

5 actors who were part of a 18yr old sci-fi adventure show are now jobless and they are making sci-fi conventions at every place trying to save the show.

remember Sigourney Weaver from the alien movies series?? she stars in this movie as 'Gwen DeMarco' of the members of the crew

on one such occasions people dressed up in costumes known as 'thermians' arrive asking 'jason' the leader of the sci-fi show to help them and save them from an evil guy called 'sarris'.

Thermians were actually aliens from another planet and they have been watching their shows,which they thought was for real and considered them as "historical documents" inspiring them to model their lives based on these "historical documents"

'jason' at first think that they are mere humans dressed up in costumes for offering a new gag but when he is taken by them to real spaceship he finds out that They are real aliens.....he comes back to earth takes his other 4 members of the show along with him to fight the bad guy Sarris will they succeed or watch for yourself.
i really liked the funny accent of the therimans and their respect towards the "so called heroes of the historical document"