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Apple iPod- the world’s best digital music player

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    Default Apple iPod- the world’s best digital music player

    Apple iPod is a brand of media players that are very portable. These players are designed as well as marketed by the Apple Inc. It is arguably the most popular portable music player in the world.

    The apple iPod flag include various models. The first is the iPod Classic with a hard drive. Then there is the one with the touch screen aptly named iPod Touch. Another one is the iPod Nano with capabilities to play videos. Also included is a screen-less small model known as iPod Shuffle. Formerly the brand also included the ultra compact iPod Mini as well as the iPod Photo. The iPod photo has been integrated into the iPod Classic.

    All models apart form the iPod Classic use a flash memory to store the music. The classic uses an internal hard drive which makes it much bigger than the other smaller versions. Only the iPod used a miniature hard drive.

    The best thing about the apple Ipod models except the iPod touch is that they can be used as an external data storage device. However the storage capacity differs according to the model.

    The Apple iPod uses the company’s iTunes software to transfer the music into the devices with the help of a both an Apple Macintosh as well as a Microsoft Windows PC.

    However if the users who do not want to use iTunes or do not have the specifications to run it on their computer, they can use a variety of open source applications available for free.

    The Apple iPod has proved to be one of the best selling products from Apple. As a result the company has devoted more time for its research. Therefore as of the present day the company has sold more than 150 million iPods around the world which makes it the best-selling digital audio player ever.

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    I agree that Apple iPods are fantastic, but there are also many other MP3's which are competing against the Apple iPod. But because of its features and look Apple iPod is always ahead!

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    apple stuff does look very stylish and appealing

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