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IPod touch killer?

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    Default IPod touch killer?

    We have had many devices to be Ipod killers, i hope this one can pull it off !

    Samsung to launch new portable media player called YP-M1 in Korea market. YP-M1 is the first player to use NVIDIA's Tegra platform. With Tegra processor, Samsung YP-M1 provides hardware decoding for high-definition videos and also speeds up the unique highly graphic based user interface. New player also has 3.3-inch OLED screen and shows more vivid colors than other players use standart LCD

    Source:Samsung YP-M1; Nvidia Tegra tabanlı ilk medya oynatıcısı

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    so far all so called "ipod killer" and "iphone killer" failed because while they tried their best to provide what IPod/IPhone do not have, they did not care to provide what IPod/IPhone do have.

    Hope samsung have learnt their mistake.
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    But i really do not understand the point of have a 3.3" High def screen....
    Wow i can watch movies on my 3.3" full HD screen !

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