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Latest 3D TVs

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    Default Latest 3D TVs

    After the LCD and HDTV there is now again a kind of revolution in the TV industry with the 3-D TVs. The 3D TVs are going to bring a kind of revolution to TV watching in homes. 3D TVs would employ technique like 3D presentation, stereoscopic capture, 2D plus depth, multi-view capture, and 3D display of special viewing device that is projected for television program. You would be able to experience a realistic three-dimensional field in such TVs.

    The new generation of 3D-ready TV sets have been built in such a way that it can operate in 3D mode along with 2D mode and in conjunction with LCD shutter glasses where the TV would decide which eye should see the image exhibited at moments and thus creating the illusion of stereoscopic images at brain. The 3D TVs would support HDMI of 1.4 which would be a minimum input and there would be some kind of refreshing rate of 120 Hz. The glasses would accompany the new 3D TV sets. But for complete family set you may need to buy few extra.

    Brands like Sony, Panasonic, Philips are promising excellent 3-D technology input in TVs. It is going to create a kind of 3D revolution where you would be able to experience the depth without the eyewear. Normally to watch 3D movies we need circular polarized or active LCD shutter glasses. These are glasses that are used in theatres by public to enjoy the 3D images or pictures. The present day glasses or spectacles use circular polarized or active LCD shutter that ensure that each eye has different image and have different feelings that altogether create the impact on the brain. You would need the same pair of glasses to watch 3D TVs too.

    Let us wait and see how these new 3D TV sets are going to bring some kind of revolution and changes to TV watching in homes. Perhaps one day people will forget that they used to watch TV naked eyes too.

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    Fellas , why is there no response here? This thread is great.

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    Good information.. However, the 3D TVs should require the 3D-signals or file formats...

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