When LCD and Plasma TVs emerged, both suffered from some drawbacks which today no longer are issues, however, fans of each technology make use of the following arguments to convince you:

Myth # 1: Plasma Displays emit an annoying buzz
or Myth # 2: LCDs last twice as long a plasma
or Myth # 3: Display still images on a plasma screen affects
or Myth # 4: LED displays last forever

In the beginning, plasma TVs emit a sharp sound and was not working properly, especially at high altitudes, as in Mexico City. Currently works are shielded to avoid discomfort.

It is true that plasma screens have the shortest life span, however, the difference is minimal in comparison to LCD technology. It is estimated that a plasma screen takes at least 15 years before its brightness will be reduced to half, so do not worry.

After its launch, plasma screens were damaged by displaying a still image during the first hours of use, however, current models have solved that problem and the possibility that this is remote.

False, the LED bulbs are extremely efficient but not immortal. Yet its life decreases, sometimes doubling the lifespan compared to LCD screens.

Buying a screen is a choice that should not be taken lightly, remember that you are about to invest in a device that will be with you for at least 15 years.