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how to make my lcd read srt files from pen drive

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    Default how to make my lcd read srt files from pen drive

    i have been trying to watch a movie on my lcd tv with srt subs
    but the lcd is not showing the subtitles
    i certainly know it is capable of reading subtitle from pen drive bcoz it was successful with a few movies earlier
    any ideas

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    Do not have an LCD - so cannot confirm.

    1. Try putting the SRT file in the same folder as the main film.
    2. If that does not work, try creating a subfolder with proper name (no idea what this should be).

    Are you able to see subtitles on PC? I mean, hope that .srt file is not corrupt.
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    name the subtitle file name same as that of movie and put it in the same folder as the movie. See if that works.

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    Are your video files in proper format and dimensions?
    You should keep the .srt files in the default folder where they should be. Or maybe you have too many subtitles where it may have some number limits. No idea though.
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