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Please suggest a good A/C

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    Question Please suggest a good A/C

    We are planning to buy A/C
    Which is the 5 star rated with energy saving efficient feature?
    My sis says Career But i have heard this brand first time!I trust LG in home appliances?
    Suggestions are always welcome
    Ya i want split a/c
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    Airconditioners only have up to 3 stars max. LG and samsung are one of them least energy effecient.
    Carrier specifications are very good as compared to same tonnage LG or samsung.

    Hitachi or Ogeneral is what you should really buy if your budget allows and if not settle for a carrier. If you do buy Hitachi window version then make sure you buy the one with twin motors as that decreases the electricity consumption when its too hot outside.

    I meant window ac's only have upto 3 stars. You can get split ac with 5 stars.
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    Go for Daikin.
    Its the best.

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    Smile THanks

    For the good suggestion
    But please advice me split a/c

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    Daikin only manufactures split AC.
    From 0.5 ton to 20 ton.
    So make your choice according to your requirment.

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    The worlds #1 brand - OGeneral.... great quality but quite costlier

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