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Suggest a good generator

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    Unhappy Suggest a good generator

    Please suggest me a good generator
    My permissible limit is around 20K
    Which should Operate 2 Fans 3 tUbelights(CFL)
    oNE COOLER(1000W)
    Please suggest me!
    Also can i increase my Usage?i.e. can i run T.v. also?And 1 or 2 Components say 2 Tubelights(60W)

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    moko kono idea nahi haigo...
    job takes the child away.

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    If you have a large house get a custom made diesel genset that will save you a lot on running costs and it would run everything in the house except for airconditioning.

    If you want a kerosene or lpg run go for sriram they have some nice ones with low maintainence and make a lot lesser noise.

    Or the best option for you in my opinion is get 4 inva tubular exide battries and get an inverter. Each battery would cost about rs10k thats 40k all together and about 15k for the inverter but then you also get the comfort of noiseless operation and a battery life of more then 5 years... Running costs are also less then a genset if you get long powercuts on a daily basis.

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