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The new IPOD Family

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    Default The new IPOD Family

    The entire Apple music family; the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, has been revamped. The new iPod Touch has many of the iPhone 4 features like Retina display, 5MP camera & front facing camera. It will be available in 8, 32 and 64GB models. The iPod Nano now features a multi-touch display and will be available in 8 and 16GB capacities. The iPod Shuffle 4th generation features clickable ‘ring’ buttons with voiceover for navigation & 2GB storage.

    The 4th generation iPod Shuffle is priced at Rs 3,200 for 2GB. The iPod Nano 8GB is priced at Rs 10,700, 16GB at Rs 12,700. The iPod Touch will be priced at Rs 15,400 for 8GB, Rs 19,900 for 32GB and Rs 25,900 for 64GB.

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    The iphone cameras never had a good quality camera anyway, so it wouldn't make a difference if the Apple ipod had a camera or not.

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