If you are hunting for a reliable and comfortable air conditioner that can provide the right cooling at your home and can also remove the tensions of after installation troubles you can try Daikin. This is the brand that comes from the $12.02 billion Daikin industries which is a multi-product company basically dealing with home appliances. The company has the air-conditioning business that comprise of 88 percent of Global business and has nearly 10 percent share in the residential air condition market. The company has now gained a good market in India and slowly gaining the pace to every home. Sales of air conditioners in Indian hot and humid climate have always been high. Daikin is a well established brand and can be trusted for complete air conditioning solution at your homes. The company provides air conditioners worldwide and has earned a reputation of its own. You can trust the brand for its reliability, affordability and after installation trouble free service.

Off course it is understandable that every consumer wish to learn about the price list of items to have a fair idea if something is within their budget and pocket. Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt Ltd offers wide selection of products and models of air conditioners that are meant for Indian market and homes. One can find 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton ACs from the brand. There are reliable sales and services offices across the nation to help customers deal directly at showrooms before buying the air conditioners and also spare parts centers that one requires for every air conditioner after two or three years of service. All the local units of Daikin have manpower trained and skilled in Daikin air conditioners that are necessary for spaces and are equipped with tools to provide services for valued customers.

The global philosophy for Daikin is ‘Quality First’ and that is why this is valued for its services and quality. The low noise level, cooling efficiency, low power consumption, ease of installation, high reliability and targeted features to improve the quality of life are few features that make the brand reliable.

DAIKIN Air Conditioner Price List India – DAIKIN AC Price – 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton are as follows:
* Daikin FT60 AC (Air Conditioner) Rs. 49523/-
* Daikin FT25 AC (Air Conditioner) Rs. 31028/-
* Daikin FT50 AC (Air Conditioner) Rs. 41806/-
* Daikin FTY60 AC (Air Conditioner) Rs. 72030/-
* Daikin FTY50 AC (Air Conditioner) Rs. 60360/-
* Daikin FT35 AC (Air Conditioner) Rs. 32930/-

Online shopping from the Daikin dealers or distributors can help you get good discounts on the air conditioners. Try online shopping for DAIKIN Air Conditioner Price List India – DAIKIN AC Price – 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton and find out excellent offers by the Daikin and its distributors. Besides that you can compare the prices and offers of one distributor with the other to get the best deal on the buy. You can also wait for off season buying of air conditioners or offers that are given during festivities.