Air cooler is a good substitute for air conditioners at homes that keep the environment cool and clean. It is better option for those homes where air conditioning is not possible and also for those who cannot afford air conditioners. But when one wishes to buy air cooler, one needs to take note that it is good to buy something that is reliable and from a reputed brand. Kenstar air coolers are known for their brand name and reliability for ages. There are many manufacturers who make air coolers but very few can match the quality and brand reliability of Kenstar. The name Kenstar is a reputed name in India and it has been around for ages. The brand manufactures different types of models of air coolers that are meant for air cooling during hot weather conditions.

The Kenstar air coolers are appreciated by consumers because of their functionality and reliability. They cool the room and atmosphere perfectly without any difficulty. They come in varied sizes and shapes to meet the conditions of individual buyers, homes and offices. They are not only meant for domestic usage but also for commercial purposes like installing in some office rooms, shops and other such stores where people wish to save the electricity that Air conditioners consume. Kenstar fits the bill of every buyers needs!

Almost all kenstar air coolers comes equipped with features like speed blowers, water level indicator, automatic water level controller, float valve attachment for continuous flow of water and trolley system for mobility. You can find different capacity of water coolers from Kenstar that includes from 12 liter water storage capacity to 45 liters of water storage capacity. The price list of few popular models of Kenstar air coolers are as follows:

* Kenstar SMART COOL SD-0434 Kenstar Air Cooler Price – Rs.6,350
* Kenstar TURBOCOOL Dx-9704 Kenstar Air Cooler Price – Rs.7,250
* Kenstar DOUBLECOOL Dx CW-0121 Kenstar Air Cooler Price – Rs.5,790
* Kenstar Vibrant CT 9924 Kenstar Air Cooler Price – Rs.4,500
* Kenstar Little Cooler Dx-CP0118H Kenstar Air Cooler Price – Rs.3,700
* Kenstar Cyclone CD2001 Kenstar Air Cooler Price – Rs.7,950
* Kenstar Air Coolers Prices: All prices are in Indian Rupee
* Kenstar Turbocool Cooler Price – Rs.6,700/-
* Kenstar Slimline Cooler Price – Rs.6,650/-

Kenstar Cyclone Line coolers
* Kenstar Smart cool Cooler Price – Rs.5,759/-
* Kenstar Junior Cooler Price – Rs.5,200/-

Kenstar Vibrant Line Coolers
* Kenstar Cyclone Cooler Price – Rs.5,300/-
* Kenstar Vibrant Cooler Price – Rs.4,150/-
* Kenstar Little Cooler Price – Rs.3,890/-

These prices marked in the Kenstar Air Cooler Price List India are subjected to change with the market conditions and supply and demand ratio. If you wish to get the coolers at competitive pricing and best deals you can try shopping the Kenstar coolers online from the official website of the company where they also offers free shipping in some models. You can save good amount of money on the air coolers that are bought directly from the Kenstar air cooler official website.