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BSNLís New Growth Strategy Will Not Be Implemented

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    Default BSNLís New Growth Strategy Will Not Be Implemented

    BSNL is striving hard to get ahead of its competition. They have revamped all their strategies to increase their market share. However, they do not normally succeed always in implementing their new strategies because some of their proposed strategies experience heavy opposition from their staff unions. Unlike the private companies, the government owned BSNL could not implement the strategies so easily because they have a lot of protocols to be followed. This delays many good things from reaching people. There are also situations even after the completion of all the protocols successfully, they may fail to implement the plan because of opposition from the employees union. One such situation is faced now by BSNL.

    BSNL had planned to change its operational strategies by hiving off its towers as a separate operation. It had plans to set apart a separate division for its towers and for the infrastructure related operation like what private operators do. However, BSNL announced that it is not proceeding further on its plans.

    As part of its growth strategies, last year BSNL came up with a proposal to improve their profit and also their market share. This new plan proposed that the entire reporting system and the management hierarchy be restructured into two-pronged divisions. The company wanted to separate its towers and other infrastructure related paraphernalia from the rest of the operations.

    Many of the private operators are following this strategy to keep their resources and their efforts more focused on marketing their services. Probably it is due to the problems that BSNL is facing in speedy implementation of its plans, its growth is hampered. Despite its own limitations BSNL has done well for itself. It has launched the 3G services and gone for IP TV as well. By far their mobile services are also one of the top 3 services in terms of quality of the service and reliability. Many people wait for months to get their mobile subscription from BSNL as the signal reception with them is best and they offer the best coverage. BSNL mobile will work even where the other top mobile towers will not work. BSNL has become one of Indiaís favorite mobile service providers. All these are to be considered great success for BSNL though they have a snail speed implementation of their new plans and strategies.

    We may have to wait for new plans and strategies from BSNL that will set itself apart from its competition. They have to become more creative in marketing their services rather than stick to conventional marketing strategies that bring out marginal success. The employees should be incentivized to work with commitment and enthusiasm. Most often we do not find the same level of energy that we find in private telecom service providers at the BSNL offices. The energy level of the employees will improve only when they are well incentivized. With the government support and backing, they can do much better than their current status.

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    BSNL' guys make strategies after strategies and they succeed in fooling people.
    job takes the child away.

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