Canada is becoming the latest country to have implemented mobile number portability. With this service, mobile users are free to choose any mobile service provider while keeping the same number.

This freedom enables the consumer to have a choice in picking up his service provider while companies have to continuously innovate to keep the consumer happy and satisfied.

Even more interesting is the fact that the change can take place between landline and cellphone providers, or between mobile phone carriers.

Now, Canada is only the second country along with USA to have complete number portability. Japan too has implemented a form of number portability in the country.

Marc Choma, spokesman for the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association spoke on this new development: “The competition has always been quite fierce. So obviously it is going to be another layer of competition for the carriers.”

We had like to see this service to be launched in India. TRAI has been working on implementing this in India but we have not seen much action happening here.