New Delhi, April. 20 (PTI): Telecom regulator TRAI today recommended several measures to bring down substantially Internet Service Providers' expenditure on domestic bandwidth, which will result in drastic reduction of Internet, broadband and content download charges.

Releasing its recommendations on the Improvement in the Effectiveness of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), TRAI said Various options of improving effectiveness for exchanging domestic traffic within the country have been explored, which include direct domestic peering of ISPs with International Internet Bandwidth providers.

Major recommendations include that all the ISPs shall either connect to NIXI or with International Internet bandwidth providers through direct peering link. Compulsory announcement and acceptance of all the routes at NIXI nodes have been recommended. This will facilitate effective exchange of domestic Internet traffic at NIXI without requiring direct connectivity of ISPs at NIXI.

Similarly, Quality of Service parameters of NIXI nodes has been prescribed to ensure effective functioning of the NIXI.

Various reasons like high cost of leased line to connect to NIXI node, non availability of NIXI nodes at all state capitals, high cost to obtain Autonomous System (AS) number have been indicated for not joining the NIXI. It is also observed at times that pipe size of ISPs connecting to NIXI is inadequate to cater to the expected Internet traffic.

Many a time ISPs connected at NIXI are neither announcing nor accepting all the routes.

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