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  11. everybody wants speed
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  13. surpisingly i got 2mbps yest for 3hrs
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  16. High Ping Rate
  17. I have lost beetel 220bx1 installation CD.Please help me with the setup
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  21. Mobile internet 3G WiFi
  22. Problems, promises and frustration
  23. Opportunity for cheap broadband lost: Mittal
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  25. airtel unlimited 799 and 1099 /
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  27. Can i change plan?
  28. internet goes on and off every 2 minutes
  29. Am i getting cheated? Pl chk this email from Airtel
  30. Can I use Unlock modems?
  31. Will this work?
  32. Is airtel doubling speeds like bsnl ?
  33. getting speed over 4 mbps will airtel charge me extra?
  34. Ethernet and WiFi settings in ubuntu 10.04
  35. Are impatience plans good?
  36. Airtel Broadband issue
  37. Is 4 Mbps going to be available in Speed on Demand?
  38. What is AirTel NetXpert?
  39. Anyone playing cs on steam
  40. Port Forwarding with BEETEL 220 bx and NETGEAR
  41. Two ethernet card on one computer to make internet connection
  42. Airtel Stay and Gain Money Back offer?
  43. some doubts about airtel
  44. New and happy customer of Turbo 1299 plan
  45. Hardware requirement for Airtel broadband
  46. Suggest a plan for me
  47. Bored By FUP of Airtel ?
  48. Please Help me forward the ports UT 304r2
  49. Please tell me should i upgrade to wi-fi or not?
  50. canceling my Airtel Broadband connection after 4 years of service
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  53. Free Data usage
  54. Problems in evening
  55. Airtel App Central
  56. i m not getting more than 1kbps in torrents
  57. help wifi password beetel 450BX1
  58. Airtel 50Mbps Broadband with VDSL2
  59. doubt reg airtel's doubling speed for all existing plans
  60. Rapidshare low speed
  61. Airtel DNS is Down .. for past 2 Days
  62. Warez-bb & Katz Not working
  63. Airtel Has Really Banned Sites
  64. Airtel Reduced my Speed to Half and they are blaming it on undersea cable
  66. how to share wireless internet connection?
  67. Failiing secured servers of airtel broad band
  68. Good News Airtel double dhamaka
  69. free airtel to airtel unlimited landline calls
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  71. Airtel Broadband introduces NEW impatience plan at 4mbps with unlimited downloading
  72. Best broadband in Bandra(w)
  73. Home 649(Airtel/DL/FL/010) problem
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  75. Airtel’s Massive Fraud – Dumping Goods on Gullible Customers with out their consent
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  77. Connect Modem to USB
  78. Now Enjoy upto 50 Mbps in Airtel
  79. Airtel IPTV plans in Delhi
  80. When are the ISPs going to reduce the rates of 2MBPS unlimited?