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  1. TRAI says minimum broadband speed to be 512 kbps
  2. India's telecommunications industry back on development path
  3. BSNL UP(East) continues to run a dumb site
  4. Indian ISPs unblock Torrent and file-sharing sites after Madras High Court ruling
  5. 3g prices to drop !
  6. Suggestions in selecting prepaid conn. in Calcutta
  7. "Planned maintenance activity in BSNL’s international Bandwidth" 26th-30th July
  8. Cause of high ping/lag to EU/US 21/7-?: Underwater cable repair in Mediterrainean sea
  9. Does MNP implemented in AP Region...?
  10. mumbaities rejoice
  11. BSNL selects four firms for WiMax project
  12. India’s first & only conference on LTE - LTE INDIA 2010
  13. India allows BSNL to buy 10 mln mobile lines gears
  14. Fair use policy
  15. Google is now ISP | Offers 1 Gbps over fiber FTTH
  16. Australians will have 100 MB of speed by 2017
  17. 3G - DoT is confused
  18. Request on I-mode and Online Gaming
  19. 4G Goes Commercial in Sweden, Norway
  20. when will broadband prices fall ??
  21. Load balancing hardware
  22. Disadvantages Cellular broadband
  23. Internet and Communication
  24. Internet and E-Commerce
  25. Internet Services
  26. Utstarcom named best broadband system integrator firm
  27. BSNL all set for new plans
  28. More Wimax Users in India by 2014
  29. New Broadband definition to be proposed.
  30. Global broadband internet connections will reach 500 million by next year
  31. BSNL’s New Growth Strategy Will Not Be Implemented
  32. BSNL Wireless Broadband Service for Goa
  33. TRAI planning for “grievance monitoring system” for protecting customers’ interests
  34. Are Internet Cafes Doomed Due to Cheap Residential Broadband Tariffs?
  35. M-Pesa - Africa's cell phone cash
  36. Raja’s agenda: Local call at 10 paise, STD at 25
  37. Telecom industry is gonna be screwed!!!
  38. Govt gearing up to gag news websites
  39. World Telecommunication Day - May 17
  40. Trai directs Mobile Operators To Take Written Consent Of Users On VAS
  41. Indian Govt makes Registration of Wi-Fi Compulsory for all
  42. Net connection: The top 10 countries
  43. Emergency number calling should not be a hitch for Internet Telephony in India
  44. India ranks 115th in net connection speeds, says report
  45. It may missfitted in here... but when it's a question about Mankind
  46. TRAI: Rebate in rent for delays in repair of fault
  47. Trai moves to ensure broadband speed
  48. 'Decision on 3G could have been expedited'
  49. PC World India Broadband Survey 2009
  50. Recruitment of Junior Telecom Officers(Telecom), Junior Telecom Officers(Civil)
  51. Telcos oppose TRAI's quality service norm
  52. No tariff cut now as VOIP gets delayed
  53. Vodafone blocks free MyToday SMS Subscriptions
  54. Mobile telephone numbering in India
  55. Reliance Comm adds 5 mn users in Jan
  56. Airtel Fair Usage Policy
  57. Reliance Communications halves GSM rates
  58. Nokia cuts production, jobs in Finland
  59. GSM operators add record 9.3 mn subscribers in January
  60. 99% of new mobile connections in India are pre-paid
  61. Aircel launches GSM services in Kerala
  62. Virus that steals money on prowl
  63. Spectrum release may get delayed
  64. India warned to boost internet
  65. Free Mobile Backup service for one year !!
  66. Call drops: TRAI slams cellphone companies
  67. WiMAX growth progressing at a rapid pace in India
  68. Prepaid Balance cannot be used for shopping
  69. Vodafone Essar MD to retire
  70. You can now choose your STD operator
  71. BSNL Launches 50/- Prepaid SIM
  72. Telecom Commission to take up 4 TRAI plans
  73. Bids invited for number portability
  74. TRAI Initiates Consultation on Quality of Broadband and Internet Services
  75. India moves to total media censorship
  76. Telecom tariffs set to fall in 2009
  77. Soon, undersea cable cut won’t snap your Net
  78. Broadband Subscriber Numbers by State
  79. TimeLine for Wimax + 3G Spectrum Auction Announced
  80. What will 3G mean for you