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  1. You Broadband Customer Care
  2. Very Slow Speeds
  3. YOU broadband 100Mbps connection
  4. i am planning to switch to you broadband.post your reviews.I am in chennai
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  12. Youbroadband with Dlink DSL-2750u
  13. YOU Broadband worst ISP ever, in no way meets TRAI QoS becnhmarks
  14. You Broadband launches 50 mbps plan for Rs 2224
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  16. Configure Linksys E900 with YOU broadband
  17. My default gateway is how to solve it??
  18. Connecting Samsung smart TV to internet
  19. You Broadband Connection error
  20. Bad during Day. Good during Night. High Latency Spikes, Jitter, Ping Problems, etc.
  21. how to configure a NETGEAR router for you broadband
  22. help me guys plz to configure wireless modem+router for bsnl services
  23. YOU broadband plans
  24. Configuring beetel 450tc1 adsl2+ with you broadband cable modem
  25. Help Buying new connection..
  26. You Broadband- Worst Service - Buyer Beware
  27. Queries about "You Broadband" in Chennai
  28. Is YOU Broadband a good wireline internet service provider ? Please advise.
  29. Is YOU Broadband a good wireline internet service provider ? Please advise.
  30. Please suggest a good Wifi modem+router for YOU broadband
  31. Shifting from BSNL to You Broadband, want to know Router/Modem Requirements
  32. Hubs in Pune, Wakad Region???
  33. post your pingtest results
  34. Is YOU broadband worthy ?
  35. Can i use BSNL ZTE ZXDSL 531B router/modem with YOU Tele
  36. YOU TRANSFORMER plan, too good to be true ?
  37. You Broadband is the best ISP
  38. Everyday Outage, Beware !
  39. Frquent diconnection
  40. Frquent diconnection
  41. Ping Latency
  42. You Broadband - Bad services
  43. quality of you broadband
  44. Too Worest Service of YOU Broad band in Hyderabad
  45. You Broadband is absolutely DISGUSTING!!
  46. You Broadband, Never buy Never Go for it..Worst ISP
  47. Suggest me Wifi router for You Broadband
  48. HURRICANE YOU plan
  49. gaming
  50. You broadband wifi router selection
  51. Inflated speedtest numbers for YOU broadband
  52. Review of you telecom
  53. You Broadband - False promises/Wrong commitment
  54. using cable modem on fedora linux
  55. Never buy a You Telecom Connection and never get fooled by their schemes
  56. Dhoom review
  57. You broadband is the worst
  58. Why Am I still with YOUBroadband???
  59. You Broadband / You Telecom Most Worst Service in India
  60. You broadband review
  61. You broadband mumbai - dc++ hub
  62. We are looking for 3g & china using 4g technology
  63. tata docommo 3 g service
  64. reliance netconnect 1xcdma data card so slow speed
  65. How to configure D Link router for YOU Broadband
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  67. Latency Problems(spikes) in Counter Strike 1.6
  68. Is Hotfile.com down or You blocking it?
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  71. nivyha broadband
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  74. bad speed..
  75. DOes youbroadband use dsl or cable?
  76. is youbroadband good?
  77. Can I use BSNL's Dataone wireless router with YOU broadband
  78. YOU Tele ISP should be provided at Andheri West also!!
  79. Go green - you telecom
  80. Happy to HELP