must be thinking why i wrote in posted this in jokes and humor section?

just now saw the speedtest world index and was glad to see how satisfied are we Indians in terms of throwing money to Tata and Ambani and all those of the Telecombusines.. yes bharti.. mittal..

In downloads, India stands somewhere (used ctrl+f) 129-130 in the total of 200 countries of the world.. we must be proud yeah.. North korea officially doesnt have internet for public , so thats better..
we are with our african friends, xtooootx ourselves..

In uploads, we are nowhere in the top hundred..

Now lets see the value index.. I was looking for a country whose citizen pay the same amount of money aswe do.. answer came out to be Russia (infact pays significantly less because 1Rb =1.6 Rs).. but looking at numbers. 22x speedier net than we have here.. India has a 20 times bigger market than Russia has..

my one sentence to all telecoms :go xxxx yourself..