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Reliable Laptops with longest battery

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    Default Reliable Laptops with longest battery

    With the demand to keep in touch with office work, social networking and increasingly mobile network devices even one cannot escape using laptops when on the go. Though laptops have really made life mobile, but it is as long as your battery lasts. Therefore there has been long demand for laptops that provide longest battery life. You have too had one marathon machine that can really last till you complete your work.

    If you have one of these laptops with longest battery life, your life seems to become cool and really blissful. Well, the good news is that there are some companies that have really come with products which can offer good battery back up at your notebook or laptop. Let us have a look at few of the popular models which deserve their names mention in this article for their excellence.

    Lenovo Thinkpad X60s: This is the longest running battery life notebook. It is configured with high capacity 8 hours 16 minute serving battery life, and other high end features. This enables you for a complete office hour work along with lunch break.

    Fujitsu Q2010: This is similar to Lenovo and can offer nearly 71/2 hours of battery life. It is configured so well that any one would love it.

    Dell Inspiron E1405: This laptop from the most popular brand can run nearly for 7 hours and 21 minutes. This is a real inspiration for laptop goers who wish to get long battery life.

    Panasonic ToughBook 74: It provides a battery life of 7 hours 18 minutes and can really give you the pleasure with its high end features.

    Lenovo ThinkPad R60: Another one from Lenovo which offers excellent battery back up. Thus you see how you have so many laptops with longest battery service. It can offer more than 6 hours of back up with high end usage.

    HP Compaq nc2400: This is an inexpensive laptop that has been designed for long battery life and excellent services. It runs without help of power for 6 hours 6 minutes.

    Dell Latitude E6400: This comes with solid state configuration and has 12 cell slice battery to offer more than 7 hours of battery life.

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    You have forgotten one of the finest product series in this category (long battery backup) & that too by worlds second largest computer hardware manufacturer; Acer & its Acer Timeline Series. I have a product from this series & believe me, it actually give 8 hours of backup with normal use.

    I own this model: Aspire Timeline 5810T. --> Acer Home

    My need is good battery backup along with top notch performance & features. This product has satisfied it.

    My bad is that I haven't even used wireless internet on my laptop. Looking forward to purchase EVDO card but bit confused which provider to choose.

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    Does the battery really last that long? and how much did you buy it for Anuj?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parminder View Post
    Does the battery really last that long? and how much did you buy it for Anuj?
    Yes, It easily lasts for 8 hours for my kind of use. As per user manual, with consumption of excessive RAM, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, media Player all the time, battery can last for around 2 hours less than what is assured. However even though sometimes I have used it bit heavily, battery did last for around 7 hours. Company assured battery backup for this product (& others in Timeline series) with normal use is 8+ hours.

    I had purchased this product in June at 38000 INR (including taxes & VAT). Current price here in Pune is 36000 Rs. In other states, it could be even more less as here we pay 8% more VAT.

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    Generally, the battery standby time is longer, the capacity is higher.

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