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Intel's Core i3m Processor

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    Default Intel's Core i3m Processor

    Yesterday i had gone to a shop to have a look at the various laptops in the market. Most of them were powered by Intel's core i3 processor (i was looking at low end models). They seem to have replaced the older Core 2 series. So, lets just see what the difference really is ?

    The core i3m processors are Dual core processors with Hyperthreading. You all must have heard of Pentium 4 with HT(hyperthreading), well, this time its different and much better.

    These are avaliable in 2 models, the i3 330m(2.13GHz, 3MB cache) and the i3 350m (2.26Ghz, 3MB Cache). They both have a TDP of 35W.

    These are 32nm processors as compared to 45nm of the core 2s. This means that these run cooler and consume less power.

    These processors have an integrated memory controller and do not have an FSB system like the older core 2s. This means that the memory latencies have reduced which should in theory (atleast) improve the performance. The processor supports DDR3 memory running at 800MHz or 1066MHz only.

    These processors come with a GPU too. Its better than older Intel GMAs and are clocked at 667MHz. The drivers for the GPU are still new, so you may encounter some problems.

    I have now actually used a system with a core i3 processor so i cant say how much better these are over a core 2. So if you do own one, please let us know what you feel about it. I have used the core i7m and you can find its review here.

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    Intel's Core i3 range of processors have enjoyed significant popularity. While they may be entry-level processors, they provide ample power for most user's needs. It's even possible to play some modern games if a decent graphics card is also provided. I think the i3 processors are ideal for the average user. Those that are looking to surf the web, watch a couple of videos, listen to music and do basic productivity work will have ample power at their finger tips.

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    Desktop I3 cpus are pretty good even for gaming ( not the mobile versions, unfortunately) and will provide more than enough power for the average user. Bast bang for your buck, really.

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    I also think the I3 processor is the allrounder that people had been wanting for quite a while. While it wasn't outstanding in any one department, it did a 8/10 across the board and for a lot of people it set the standard for what an all round processor should do.

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