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Turn your laptop into a TV with laptop TV tuner card

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    Default Turn your laptop into a TV with laptop TV tuner card

    There have been many threads on the forum asking whether tv can be watched on a laptop or computer and there have been different answers. But apparently you can get high quality tv programs on your laptop or computer with a different kind of tv tuner card.

    For those who do not know a TV tuner card is a component which allows your laptop or computer to receive television signals. There are four different TV tuner cards, analog tv tuners, hybrid tv tuners, digital tv tuners and combo tv tuners, and the difference in all of these is that they all give different qualities and video outputs.

    One of the most efficient and we can say the best tv tuner card is from Pinnacle Systems. The tv tuner cards provided by Pinnacle Systems range from Rs400 to Rs10000 and the difference is in the features and quality. Obviously the higher the price the better the quality there will be in watching tv on your laptop or computer. Not only this the higher priced tv tuner cards also work as video capture cards which allow you to record television shows. The videos are recorded in MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI and also Divx formats.

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    These types of tuners are still available at several computer stores in my area. But I don't think they've quite taken off with the average consumer. Nowadays, most folks like to stream videos online and don't care much for television broadcast. I think this is especially true with younger generations who are more net savvy and are particular about the media they consume. Older folks will just use a normal tv and won't bother with this which they probably find cumbersome.

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    I like to use TV tuner card in my desktop computer. Most of the time I don't even use Television and watch my favourite channels using TV tuner card. It gives me full resolution and great picture quality. But in order to use V Tuner Card, the Cable Network provider must also be hired. Because without connection to Venable Network, the Tuner will not work at all.

    I have never used it on my Laptop. Maybe it will work properly or maybe it will not. But I don't want to test if it works or not, I am already enjoying it on my Monitor.

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