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Why to use latest and upgrade Laptops Hard Disk Drive?

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    Default Why to use latest and upgrade Laptops Hard Disk Drive?

    You are using some system or laptop or if you are planning to buy a desktop or laptop you should know how to upgrade a laptop systemís hard disk or drive? It is very essential for every laptop user or computer user to learn how to upgrade your laptop or computer hard disk. It is not only a way to keep your system drive upgrade but also a way to keep the system risk free from any sort of affected viruses. The first and foremost thing that is required for keeping the track of your system important is to keep the hard disk space quite clear for effective functioning of your system.

    You must use updated hard disk drives like the SATA interface one which is preferred over the older versions of hard disk because of the large buffer cache, faster access to data that is stored in your system and also of better capabilities that can be performed in the system. The biggest advantage of using SATA drives is that it requires very less power and hence saves a consecutive of electricity supply and the battery power in the laptop. Thus your laptop gets longer battery power and good disk drive. The rotational speed of SATA drives is better than old versions. The greater is the spin of the disk the greater is the size of buffer cache and better is the performance of the drive which increases the efficiency of the system.

    One drive can be easily replaced by another form of drive like the SATA to an IDE or USB to an IDE or any such combination that is good for you. For that you need to format or partition the target the drive or cloning software itself to do it. The cloning software that is available in the market can be able to do that and it will relax you once you set up the drive of your interest. Also keep in mind that whichever hard drive you install in your system it must be configured as the main C: drive.

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    That's a very informative post with some great tips for newbie laptop users. I completely agree that laptops owners should know how to replace or upgrade their hard drives. It's generally a very easy task but may be a bit intimidating for those that are new to computers. They don't understand the difference between SATA and IDE, many don't even know the location of their hard drive. This is even made worse with the newer slim notebooks that don't allow access to the hard drive, obviously these are aimed at the non-technical consumer.

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    I always advise people to upgrade to Solid State Drives ( SSD-s) , if they have the money. Hard Drive failures in laptops are pretty common, usually from overheating or damaging the disk by moving it while it is working ( most laptops get moved around a lot). Solid State drives are silent, use less power ( and thus battery), are much faster than the 5400 rpm hard drives found in most laptops, and since they have no moving parts are both less prone to damage and cooler.

    However, SSD-s also have negatives :

    - Less capacity for the price

    - Expensive

    - They have limited write cycles, which means that they are going to last shorter than hard drives for people who like to install/uninstall apps often.

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