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Brand suggestion [request]

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    Question Brand suggestion [request]

    I have been doing some window laptop-shopping lately. I have already used a dell laptop, was procured in a bulk-deal and, as a whole, not convinced with the product quality and, this was a "latitude" supposed to be the most robust in road-readiness.

    i am not sure if this was a one-off and would like to know from other (more) experienced users in this regard.

    however, for my next laptop...

    Specs: preferably a sub-14" running core i5 sandybridge.
    Brands: Fujitsu Lifebook (SH531 or P701), Toshiba Satellite (C640-X4010)
    Request: Let me know about similar products for other brands (incl dell, i know they provide similar specifications for a cheaper price, but dont have confidence in the brand ). Would definitely like to consider a better bargain.


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    Please check here for comparison/ reviews etc. Select your price Range.
    Laptops less than Rs 30000 ? 25000 to 30000-2011
    I have also used 2 dell laptops, but had many problems. Key Board screen
    Display etc.

    Now using SONY VAIO VGN FW170J (Windows 7 Professional.)

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    thanks for the info.. somehow those are dated laptops ..none meeting my specs.. i have gone ahead with the fujitsu ..somewhat pricey.. but the build looks really good and its "made in japan"


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    Talking Laptop Prices

    You can look it up in search engines with keywords Laptop Prices ..
    or see link below ..

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    asus, lenovo, dell, sony, hp, toshiba, apple are good

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    Asus and Acer are the best as far as reliability goes and always priced reasonably. They are seldom the cheapest laptops in the store, but neither the most expensive. Toshiba was one of the best laptop manufacturers almost a decade ago, I don't think they have this status anymore. I'm not saying that their current laptops are bad though. However, fewer people are willing to buy Toshiba branded laptops nowadays.

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    I've been using Dell Inspiron 14" i3 series for some time and was thinking to change it lately. And well, I'm more satisfied with it and their service compared to my HP laptop which I purchased long back and still make burdens on my shoulders!

    Dell laptops gets heated quite easily, that's one of the problem I see but apart from this what else make you not to consider Dell again?

    PS. I'm not the spoke person of Dell, just an end user of their product. And so far a happy one.

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