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Need Suggestion for a notebook/netbook with good performance and battery back up

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    Default Need Suggestion for a notebook/netbook with good performance and battery back up

    I am new @ techenclave, I want your suggestions for purchasing a laptop(net/note book).

    1) Budget (anything less than or around 20k)
    2) Primary Usage : Web Surfing.. I am a damn mad for web browsing, and I used to open several (20+) tabs on a row, many times I compare different items in net, so I used to open so many tabs at once.. So, Plz consider this aspect such that the net/note book will not slow down due to many tabs. Sometimes I use MS Office Apps, and rarely I play HD pictures.. But the machine should have the ability to play HD videos. Yes, I NEVER play any games.

    3) Size Preference : Any Size, but if its less than 12" then it should have HDMI Port.
    4) any brand that you detest?: No to Compaq, HP.. Yes to Asus, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer or Dell.
    5) Other Consideration : Batery should last at least 5 hours with the low brightness(I like to work in low brightness) and Heavy web Browsing. Must have a HDMI Port, because I would like to view my lapy videos in my LCD tv. RAM should be Upgradable at least upto 4 GB.

    I am considering Atom Dual Core N570, N2600 or N2800 for netbook and of course Any Intel Dual Core like B940, B950, B960 for notebook.

    I am confused whether Atom N2600 or N2800 Processors can Handle my Usages, Because I find their CPU Benchmark are quite less (actually 600 and 725 respectively) with comparison to good benchmark of B940/950/960 i.e 1865, 1951, 2091.. And Yes I am also considering N570 (Benchmark of 638) and AMD Processors also.
    Well, As I have described it should run HD content(not Game), So which one will be better. AMD processors used to create more Heat during work, So this is also needs to be consideration.

    Finally, If Atom Processor can handle all my requirements without any slow down then I will definitely go for it as it gives maximum Battery and portability and of course less price. But it should also possess a HDMI Port.
    I personally prefer Asus/Samsung/Toshiba ,,.. But any other can also be considered except HP/Compaq ..,,

    Please suggest me some good options with description, please give your openion on Atom processors whether they can work perfectly for my extreme web browsing or I should go for Intel Dual core Processors,, I will be happy if the laptop have an option to upgrade RAM upto or more than 4GB.

    Please sugggest me which will be better for me..

    Satya Narayan

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    Check out Dell, they have durable and fast software. Dell to me is the Bert notebook/network brand and my cousin just got their latest notebook and it works superbly.

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