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Acer or Sony Vaio

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    Lightbulb Acer or Sony Vaio

    Dear Friends,
    Confusion in buying laptop..............
    I Hv Shortlisted Two Laptops

    Acer V5-571 15.6" Notebook (Black)

    Sony Vaio SVE15115ENW 15.5" Laptop (White)

    And Its Better to Spend 3000 more for a graphic card model of Acer...

    Suggest me Friends.......
    I have followings requirments
    500GB HDD
    4 GB RAM
    Intel i3
    Screen Above 15"
    Numerical Keypad

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    Karan Arora ji what do you need a 500GB hard drive for and what are you planning to do with 4GB RAM? Above all what do you need the processing power of i3 for?

    My reply might hurt your ego a bit but if you think over your decisions again and make a conservative well thought decision it will be very soothing to your pocket.

    Let me give you my own example:

    I used to buy the costlies laptop available in the shop untill a few years ago and some of them even cost me in excess of Rs1.5lakhs and its gathering dust in the store room now. I used to check whats the best spec available at the time and buy the best of the best without giving a second though to the fact that I dont really need those specs and just bought it because I had the money.

    I used those top of the range laptops just for browsing and sending e-mails and I have "never" been able to use a laptop for anything more then that may be an occasional youtube video may be nothing more.

    My latest laptop is a Rs25000 Toshiba which you can read about here : Its been more then 2 years now and I plan to use it for another 2 years or so or until I manage to break/lose it.

    Latest comes at a premium and performance difference may be of interest to those who do heavy duty tasks so if you are into video editing and all that stuff go for a good spec machine by all means else settle for a notebook or a netbook and invest the money you save into some good mutual fund

    Now coming to your question:
    If I had to choose a brand between Sony and Acer I would go for Sony without a second though even if a specs are a little better in Acer. Thats my own personal opinion and I have not used any of the models you have listed.

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    I want it for my Personal as well as office use.......... Working in Excel, browsing web............. Which one is better

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    Hello Karan,
    I personally love my Sony Vaio, for the price I received a great value, and currently am on my second one after upgrading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karan Arora View Post
    I want it for my Personal as well as office use.......... Working in Excel, browsing web............. Which one is better
    Buying an expensive laptop is overkill for your needs. Excel and web browsing do not require a high-end laptop. Even entry-level Celeron-based budget laptops will be able to handle these tasks with no problems. I like the Sony Vaio, I have a friend who owns one and it's a very slick machine. But he is a programmer and develops system intensive applications.

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