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Thread: Best Gaming Laptop

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    Default Best Gaming Laptop

    Well, guys the best gaming laptop in my opinion which I have recently brought it and using it from last 8 months and played almost every game is new "Razer Blade Pro". This laptop has earned really solid reputation in the market just because of their immersive performance, it has switchable interface like small screen located on just right at side of your keyboard. There are other powerful laptop for gaming is available in the market Aorun is one of them and deliver really great performance and there is SLI (Scalable link interface) inside of the laptop meant to be played high end games but still I will go with the Razor pro because of it has SSD (Solid State Drive) drive which is way better than HDD. What's your opinion about these device's

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    Asus rog gaming laptop are pretty good in my expierence. Msi as well
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    The gaming laptop market is becoming more popular lately. Alienware pretty much got the ball rolling but we're seeing more manufacturers entering this market segment. You really can't go wrong with either Alienware, Asus, Razer and Msi gaming laptops. They are all high-quality, high-performance and well-built systems that are aimed squarely for gamers. I only think that these gaming laptops will face stiff competition from the console-like PCs that are gaining momentum lately. Their small footprint and ample power make them a compelling alternative.

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    Not what you are asking but I wouldn't recommend buying gaming laptops. In my experience they do not last long because of overheating.

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    I'm not sure that a gaming laptop will suffer from overheating as much as you might think, and while it won't last as long as a desktop PC due to cooling issues, if a laptop is specifically designed for gaming, I would imagine it would have suitable vents and fans in place to at least limit the overheating aspect.

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    An excellent brand for games is the AlienWare, but it is not available in all countries. Its price is usually high, but it offers excellent performance.

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