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Dell laptops are scared of new Superfish attacks!

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    Default Dell laptops are scared of new Superfish attacks!

    Dell laptops are exposed to new security vulnerability involving a pre-installed root certificate which includes a private key. A hacker can launch an attack on a Dell laptop when the user logs into public WiFi network. By accessing the certificate, the attacker can impersonate websites, sign software and email messages, and even decrypt network traffic. On compromised systems, he can load malicious software too.

    The intention of Dell by installing this certificate was to give effective personalized customer care support to their laptop users. Now Dell on their website has already released instructions to safely remove the certificate which is the path for this attack. It also emphasizes a software update.

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    Iy's harsh to hear that such type of vulnerability is present in Dell laptops. As w eknowDell is a famous brand and many people sue their laptops. Therefore, if such vulnerability is not removed. Hackers will have a great benefit and can hack into personal information of people.

    Dell must remove such type of certificates from the laptops as soon as possible. So that our data is secured in the Laptops as before. I hope in future no such vulnerability will be present in their Laptops.

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    Yes, you are right. Dell laptops are famous for their durability and performance. But it could be a black dot in their laptop business segment. Even though the intention of Dell was to serve their customers in a better way, hackers can take advantage of the situation. I am sure Dell might have plugged in the gap once they realised the potential danger.

    Lenovo was also in news recently for incorporating spyware in their laptops without the consent or knowledge of the customers.

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