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    Default How to Configure BSNL Broadband connection on Ubuntu

    How to start [Configure] BSNL Broadband connection on Ubuntu

    Step 1:
    Go to your Network control panel.
    Follow steps : Taskbar >> System >> Administration >> Network.

    Step 2:
    Then click on the Unlock button and then it will ask for Administrative password, Enter your Password. and click Authenticate so that it will unlock the locked features.

    Step 3:
    Click on Wired connection and then its properties, it will show you “Connection setting tab” select “Automatic configuration (DHCP)” from the list and click OK.

    Step 4:
    Select Point to Point connection, and go to its properties. It will pop up the pppo properties.
    Check the “Enable this connection”, and select “PPPoE connection type” and Enter the account data (Username and Password)in specified boxes,

    Step 5:
    Go to Modem tab from same Window, select the Ethernet interface (Generally the eth0)
    Go to option tab select all check boxes. and then OK. and close.

    Now everytime you want to connect to net, just click on LAN Icon on taskbar and go to Dial Up connections and click on Connect to pppOe via modem and get connectiviy.

    So now just start your Firefox and start browsing the internet from your Ubuntu.

    Note: This guide is for LAN connection only, and not for the USB connections as many modem manufacturer doesnt provide drivers for Linux versions.
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    Thanks for starting a good thread... wanted to rep u.... but cudn't cuz apparently I repped ya recently.... chalo koi nahi... its due...

    Many users have bridge mode modem... I'll really appreciate it if somebody could throw some light on that aspect... As well as connectivity through wi-fi in both mode...

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    Default hi sir,

    i'm all the new ti this linux. i installed ubuntu 8.04 recently, but was not able to connect to the net. i did all what you said above except the last step. i couldn't find the LAN icon on the taskbar. i tried to connect it in many ways but was not helping. can you resolve this problem of mine.

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    Dont u see the two computer icon in the taskbar?

    Also i would advise u to install the latest Ubuntu 8.10, on which ADSL connection setup is really easy..

    U can also checkout How to start [Configure] BSNL Broadband connection [Dataone] on Ubuntu Linux. |

    Ubuntu: BSNL Broadband Connection « With the left and the right … is also worth looking into.

    I am providing the links so that u may go through them to get an approximate idea of what is happening and to make u understand the basic ideas..
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    Default hi,

    thanks to you both. but i'm still working on it. i'm not sure what happened
    can you please tell me how to change from ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10.

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    Well since internet is not configured properly, i doubt whether u will be able to download the update from Ubuntu servers. Else i would suggest downloading it from Get Ubuntu - Download, request a CD, or buy on CD/DVD | Ubuntu

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    Default hi

    i'm working with windows at present. actually i wanted to know about linux and so i installed it. i've been through almost all the steps discussed here. but sadly it doesn't workout with me!

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    Please try it once again with the updated Ubuntu OS. I am sure it will work out for u. Try try again. Never give up. Linux is not that tough..

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    Default bsnl connection error / ubuntu 8.04 / pppoe


    I tried the 5 steps stated at the beginning of this thread but it has not worked for me. Diagnostic detail:

    * After the five steps, even after trying /etc/init.d/networking restart, I could not connect using ‘Connect to ppp0 via Modem’.
    * Using BSNL DataOne with Siemens C2110 modem
    * Using Ubuntu 8.04
    * Find attached the output of ifconfig, /var/log/messages, /etc/init.d/networking restart...

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,
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    My blunder: I was giving the wrong password and so, I was getting a ‘CHAP authentication failed’ message in /var/log/messages. Also, I had to enable roaming mode in my office wireless connection.

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