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Question running OpenSuse10.3 with windows??

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    Question Question running OpenSuse10.3 with windows??

    I have windows XP sp2 installed on my system.. i wanted to install linux on my system, i hav an ISO file of OpenSuse ver 10.3.(copy i got from the server at my coll.) i had previously install linux on my system, for that i formated one of my drive and install the Whole OS in that partition, it worked fine. i had to format my system in between so i lost everything.
    With ISO file i've used MagicDisk(which is virtual CDrom), when i run this file , i reach into the installation wizard of of OpenSuse ver 10.3, it doesnt ask me for the path to install any files. this requires only around 560 KB worth of space as mentioned in the wizard. Everything done, wizard ask me reboot my system, so i do, during the boot process i get list of two OS's
    1 Windows XP
    2 Open Suse
    i've added some screen shots if it is any help

    when i enter Open Suse os, the os doesnt start, a message appears on the monitor, "input signal out of range, change your setting to 1280X1024 60Hz".
    I've checked my monitor setting, these are what is required by the OS.

    Windows works fine with my system, What could be the problem with Suse.
    , plz help, i've added some screen shots if they r of any help
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    you need to input correct values as support by your monitor!
    Please check your monitor mannual the correct values and input those!

    CHeck this for more information:

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    Firstly, I don't see why you are installing OpenSuSe 10.3 when the far more superior 11.0 and higher versions are out.
    Secondly, since I am a Ubuntu user and I know how easy it is to install Ubuntu, I would suggest you go for a Ubuntu inistallation. Infact, using a tool called Wubi, you can install Ubuntu within your Windows. Confused ? Google for Wubi and you will come to know.

    And to answer your query, why dont you change the boot order in your BIOS settings , to boot from CD/DVD, and reboot. The OpenSUSE installation wizard should kick-off immediately.

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    Default Edit your display configuration file.

    - Boot to a shell by running the installation through a setup disk.
    - Use an editor like vi, or vim and edit /usr/share/xorg/vesamodes

    Ideally vesamodes should have all the screen resolutions supported by your monitor.
    Just uncomment the mode that you'd like suse to use.

    - Reboot, without the installation disk/

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    I was trying to figure a solution to solve the problem as the screen was stuck showing message " Input signal out of range, set your monitor settings to 1280X1024,60Hz" when i booting Ubuntu OS, which i installed from a bootable CD, in a separate partition of 20GB's. Though my monitor setting were same as was message displayed on the monitor screen, i was wondering what the problem could be , and suddenly by its own the Ubuntu started after about 1 min.
    previously when i use to see the message " Input signal out of range, set your monitor settings to 1280X1024,60Hz" i used to restart the system by pressing the CPU power botton for 3 secs. I tried to boot Ubuntu again n waited till the OS started, it worked always.

    If u guys face the same problem, wait for a min to two, it might work.
    But still, why would that message appear, i fail to understand.

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