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    Default ubuntu

    how good is ubuntu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaush_4 View Post
    how good is ubuntu?
    for me its good because it is will always be free of charge of enterprises releases and security updates..i like freebies has the best accessibility infrastructures that the free community has to offer..and more to mention a few...

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    As a whole it's one of the best distro in the market and has all the arms and ammunitions to deal with various categories of users.
    - for a normal desktop users it provides various destop env among which KDE and Gnome are the best
    - for a programmer it comes with whole lot of tools that are really not available in windows - like Qt, gtk, various version ctrl systems, and on top of that consider that you have a guru with you i.e the source which you can refer and have a go at programming.
    It's really sad that some just consider it as a freebee and not as amazing OS.
    Dig deep and you will get precious stone in GNU/Linux

    happy hacking

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