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Review | Mandriva 2010 | Linux

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    Default Review | Mandriva 2010 | Linux

    The new version of Mandriva comes with numerous improvements, but above all shows the maturity of the KDE 4.3.2 desktop environment, without neglecting the GNOME-users with the version 2.28-and other environments such as Xfce and even Moblin, an entire surprise. Since installing the new chipsets support WiFi or use of Plymouth as the boot loader, Mandriva was able to combine stability with the use of some truly innovative packages and technologies

    About Mandriva

    It is a distribution that characterizes the rest by a custom graphic theme for both KDE and GNOME, a good compatibility with hardware and distributions better integration with KDE (if not the best).

    Another good point is the Mandriva Control Center, a utility from which you can manage the entire system: hardware, networking, security, users, updates.

    It is a good distribution to start for inexperienced users in the Linux world and with many possibilities for those already initiated.

    Main elements

    Kernel 2.6.31

    Graphics Server 1.6.5

    Graphical environments
    KDE 4.3.2
    GNOME 2.28.1

    Web Browser
    Firefox 3.5

    Office suite
    OpenOffice 3.1.1

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    And a lot of stuff with the DVD free version, right? I am using the same since Oct 2009. Earlier I was using 2009.1 spring.

    In my case Firefox is 3.5.3

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    Do they have dump mono? Fedora have. Dunno about ubuntu but it is always behind these things.

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    Default problem with my Mandriva

    I am having a strange problem with my Mandriva(2010) actually two problems.

    1. Sometimes when I login to the desktop, after about 2 minutes , no program or any window opens, after clicking on any icon, I just see starting application, then nothing. This happens for both file explorer and programs both. Sometimes everything works fine.
    2. I was trying to use my EVDO(already tested with ubuntu, Fedora) on Mandriva, but it asks for some pin and it says if no pin then leave blank, but if I leave blank and click next it shows please wait then comes back to that config screen again. Couldn't find anything.

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