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Codeweavers for Entreprises & Cedega for Extreme Gamers

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    Default Codeweavers for Entreprises & Cedega for Extreme Gamers

    Codeweaver's CrossOver Linux is a the best software out there with entreprise support for running windows applications on linux. Though there price ($39.95 - $69.95 ) is quite on other side( but they are more suitable for office and others). Currently they support all linux versions. Also a mac version is available for running windows applications. There are three versions for linux, CrossOver Games for game, CrossOver Linux Standard for applications like adobe CS , dreamweaver and MS office , CrossOver Linux Professional game version for running games and a version comprising of all the above two. All applications are divided into 4 categories: Gold -known to work flawlessly, Silver known to work but might have problems, Bronze applications known to crash and fourth is not known to work. A trial version is available.

    Cedega from transgaming is best software for running games meant for windows on linux. It cost 25$ for 6 months ( after that you can continue using it). You get right to vote for the games on which transgaming should work. Here too support is the best out there.

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    Is there any free software for that???

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    Play on linux is free and so is wine. But for wine you have to use much hack i.e. customization and wine tricks and on play on linux there are not many software and games still.

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