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openSUSE 11.2: reviews

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    Default openSUSE 11.2: reviews

    This thread is on Opensuse released 11.2. This project is a open source implementation of Suse much like fedora is of RHEL. Suse is supported by Novell the second best enterprise support in linux distros. Things found in Opensuse get implemented after a while in Suse.
    Opensuse have following features:
    KDE 4.3 which is the default desktop environment unlike fedora or ubuntu or linux mint where gnome is default 3.1
    Linux kernel 2.6.31
    GNOME 2.28
    postgresql 8.4.1
    Samba 3.4.1
    PulseAudio 0.9.17
    Firefox 3.5 latest.
    ext4 filesystems.
    Also many social networking clients are also included. You can also use usb to install it now.
    Of course installing softwares is just a kid play here using Yast(Yet another Setup Tool ) . Packaging is of course rpm based. Open suse is the best kde desktop distro out there including Linux Mint I think.

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    Though I have user SuSe very long time back and it was one of the good distros, this time I again experimented by installing 11.2 some times back, unfortunately it was not able to detect my on-board Realtech Gigabit NIC (though I can configure the same manually), reverted to Mandriva 2010 as it is a breeze for everything. KDE is the default in Mandriva too.

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