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Sabayon beginner's way to learn Gentoo

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    Default Sabayon beginner's way to learn Gentoo

    This is the only distro of its kind having the capability use under windows. ( Ubuntu don't qualify as it is quite different)Sabayon Linux is a great way to learn gentoo which in turns help in understanding how things are organise in Linux. It can be used as normal distribution also like Ubuntu.

    Sabayon package management is same as Gentoo i.e. ebuilds but you have the options to use Entropy instead of emerge. If you want and bcome comfortable with emerge you can use it.

    Its only the Linux apart from Gentoo ( in which you can play movies and browsed while installing. Only thing you need there is brain to how to do it) where you can play music. You can also start install process after booting it from live cd or dvd.

    It must be noted in Gentoo you don't get anything but bare minimum and later on you can recompile all thing by typing emerge -e world but here you get many things precompiled.
    Current stable release is Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 5.1-r1 having XBMC 9.04.1 ( Xbox media centre) which I can't find in any as default.

    I think it also have the best logo:
    the cutest, free Operating System
    as easy as an abacus, as fast as a segway
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