As my title says this distro is the no nonsense distro without any bells and whistles which hinders performance. If you are using then be prepare to do lot command line work.
It supports only two platforms : i686/x86-64.
Everything you get here is un distroised ( i.e. having been done modifications by distro). Like Gentoo it too is heavily influenced by BSD. There are ports here as they are in BSD.

You can expand it into what you want by incorporating new features. Package management is through pacman. Your whole system can be updated using it. It has a its own magazine.
Also a conference named ArchCon 2010 is going to be held on it on July 22 and 23 at Toronto. This distro is the first to get everything latest. There is no such thing as release here much like Gentoo. Here we have rolling release much like Gentoo profile. It must be noted packages here are not compile but prebuilt binaries.